Finn Bernhard in «The Death of a blog»: Digginjapan’s Requiem

Here we are then, back in Kristiansand, over three months after I left Norway and moved to Sapporo, Japan. The days just flew by and it’s weird looking back at how nervous I was when I arrived. The question everyone wants answered(well, Nina asked me and she wasn’t really paying attention to the answer) is, of course, «what becomes of Thine blog, kind squire?» The answer is pretty obvious: Seeing that I’m not in Japan anymore and the blog name’s «digginjapan», I’ll have to make another blog and slightly change the name. That’s right: I’m going to keep blogging, wether you like it or not, filling my blog page with my boring everyday-life in Oslo. And this is where you, my excellent readers, come in. I need a new name for the blog. Suggestions so far have been «DigginOslo» and «DigginNorway», but if you can come up with a better name, you may be so lucky that I actually name my new blog «Finnandhisfamoussardines» or whatever you suggest. And with a result like that, who needs material prizes, eh? …Well, you’re not getting any prizes anyway, so you might as well settle with the idea.

In my final post(not counting the one where I will announce the new blog name), I would like to thank everyone that made my stay in Sapporo an awesome one.

My teachers, Ooyama sensei & Hiromi sensei

Through their excellent guidance and teaching, my japanese improved like…a 1 000 000 times. Senseitachi, doumo arigatou gozaimashita!

Yuta-kun & Aya-chan

Everything our teachers didn’t (or couldn’t) teach us, we learned from our japanese roomies, ranging from how to order a taxi to pronounciation of commonly used curse words. Aya-san showed an extreme karaoke skill at our final night out with the gang, which was unfortunate, seeing that I was next in line with A-HA – The Living Daylights. AANYway…

I also suspect Yuta-kun was more than partially responsible for our dorm kitchen:

No hard feelings, though!

Nina-chan & Renna Justinius-chan

Thank you for your company during my stay in Tokyo, and for actually travelling to Japan to meet me. That’s a 10 on any awesomeness-scale!

The trip would’ve been far more boring without my wonderful classmates:


Thanks for not leaving me alone on the mic on our last karaoke night, and for pressuring me to keep updating my blog on a regular basis.


Thank you for showing me that women can actually have a far worse potty-mouth than any man.


Thanks for always ruining the end of our lessons with your «well thought up» sentences.


Thanks for countless music discussions and for introducing me to several new italo-disco artist. Call me whenever you can give me my records back!


Thanks for the moustache idea…I’ve still kept mine, although it isn’t as thick and full as your «Ibsen»tekina beard!


I don’t know what I’d do without your external hard-drive. Thanks for showing me Dexter and for teaching me the MAJOR difference between american and japanese whisky.


Thank you for the input on bikes, bags and coffee. I still haven’t seen that black bag of yours and I’m beginning to think that it was all a huge lie. Please prove me wrong this coming semester.

Since I can’t very well thank myself, you’ll only get a picture of me:

And finally, thanks to my mentors(who I don’t have any pictures of, unfortunately) and of course, THE READERS of my blog. With almost 10 000 hits, I know you’ve done a great job spreading my blog, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Please stay tuned for the announcement of my new blog.

That’s it. I’m done.

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11 kommentarer den “Finn Bernhard in «The Death of a blog»: Digginjapan’s Requiem”

    dette har vært en stor tid i bloggens æra.
    Har spesielt satt pris på bildene av søte/mongo japanesere, skjeggvekst, bybilder og Einars hippe outfits.
    Takk for alt, har vært fantastisk å følge deg, ditt liv og utvikling i Jappis og GLEDER MEG TIL NESTE BLOGG:))))

  2. Håvard Says:

    nnnnåååå så nønn post.
    ooooh cute post, g.

  3. Håvard Says:

    Jeg vil saluttere din flotte blogg som har holdt meg gående i tunge og deprimerende høstmåneder. Når flaska har hvisket meg i øret, har digginjapan vært den hvitkledde på den andre skuldra som har gitt meg grunn til å stå opp om morningzen. SALUTT!!!

    Mitt navntips til ny blogg:


  4. kjeellele Says:

    jeg foreslår: «tapåbessen» eller «ilsatrynelill»

  5. tunfisk Says:

    Jeg merker at jeg blir veldig glad for at det kommer en ny blogg. Lurer på hvordan den blir når fortellingen flyttes til Oslo. Jeg har tenkt litt på navn, men …

    *Red sensur*:P

  6. Hanne Says:

    k thx u 4 blog finn-san.
    oh, har lært meg litt japansk av å lese bloggen din, yeh?
    liker sayonara.. bloggtittelen din burde vært det.
    our parting is with such sweet sorrow.. sayonara!!!!!!!!! venter på det perfekte tidspunkt alltid for å si den grinete setninga fra shakespear.. dette er så nærme jeg kommer. passer det inn? lol nei.
    din nye blogg burde hete noe sexy.. det er mitt tips. lille mæ sitt.
    kanskje noe gosselig.
    je. mi spikz.

  7. kjeellele Says:


  8. Nina Says:

    Drida fin på bildet!!!! Var det derfor du valgte det?:))))))

  9. Marianne Says:

    Litt sent ute med kommenteringen, men bedre sent enn aldri!
    Takk for en heidundraes blogg Finn! Har vært kjempe gøy å følge deg i Japan!

    Håper tilværelsen blir digg i Oslo også:)

    Bloggnavn ja. hmm,får vel komme med et bidrag her. Hva med, eller enkelt og greit mrktsbvriOslo? No?

  10. Haruka Says:

    Hei Finn. Hvordan gar det?
    Great post. I’m happy to know that you had such a good time in Japan.
    Looking forward to hearing about your life in Oslo or anywhere in Norway!:)

  11. Synne Renée Solblomst Evensen Says:

    Hahaaa… sykt lættis at nina ser drid kjipas ut og jeg ser faktisk litt lobotomert ut?
    Kan du ikke bare si det til alle nå at det var du som betalte oss for å komme å besøke?

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